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EVO DECKING - You can be confident that EVO Decking is the right choice for you.
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At Elite-Teak, quality and customer satisfaction are our top priorities. That’s why we’ve chosen EVO decking as our exclusive decking option for our clients. EVO decking is renowned for its durability, resilience, and authentic appearance. This advanced decking material replicates the natural texture and integrity of authentic wood without the high maintenance requirements. Made with premium, eco-friendly materials, EVO decking offers long-lasting performance, resistance to weather elements, and easy upkeep. Our choice in EVO decking not only aligns with our commitment to excellence but also ensures that our clients receive a product that stands the test of time.
Is this the most realistic synthetic teak yet?
The EVO Decking mission was to create the most authentic looking decking solution available and indistinguishable from teak.

EVO Decking have chosen the best pvc formula that provides longevity year after year. We boast the most comprehensive and realistic colour range on the market. Alongside an unrivalled training programme and ongoing support, you can be confident that EVO Decking is the right choice for you.

Our product is low maintenance and high quality. As you would expect it has excellent non-slip qualities, even when wet, and is UV stabilised.

We allow you to be the judge of the question, ”Is this the most realistic synthetic teak yet?” We believe you will agree with us!
Why Choose EVO Decking?
EVO Decking is one of the world’s market leaders in the synthetic decking industry having many unique features which position it ahead of the competition. EVO Decking is an obvious choice for those seeking a high quality synthetic teak decking product.

With a choice of 8 attractive decking colours together with caulking lines in a choice of 3 colours, our product is low maintenance and high quality; all it takes to clean our decks is soap and water or a quick jet wash if needed. EVO Decking decks have excellent non-slip qualities, even when wet, and are UV stabilised.
Longevity - Built from planks of UV stabilised PVC

Low Maintenance - No regular wood sanding and oiling required - simply brush with soapy water

Limited Down Time - One day to pattern, and one day to fit! All other work is conducted in our workshops

Price - Favourable pricing compared to real teak decking

Quality Craftsmanship - High quality fabrication process of thermal welding to form synthetic teak boards.

Wide range of Colours - We offer a selection of 8 attractive boat flooring colour options which can be ordered with either white, silver or black caulking lines, giving you even more choice over the look of your new boat flooring.

Our Product Range

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Our product range consists of 6 different teak tones plus a charcoal and titanium effect too. They are available with black (pictured), white and silver caulking. Please note: CHARCOAL is not available with black caulking and TITANIUM is not available with silver caulking due to them being so similar in colour.

Telephone: 07729 195220 or Email:

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