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Elite-Teak’s craftsmen have fitted real teak decking for many years. Real Teak decking has been used on boats for many years and has stood the test of time. Whatever size or shape of vessel, teak has always been a touch of class and tradition. The properties of Teak make it an excellent non-slip surface, so it is considerably safer to walk on when wet.
Why use Teak Wood for decking?
Strength of Hardwood - Teak is an almost perfect wood for decking boats for a number of reasons. The first is that it resists rot, fungi and mildew. Physically, teak is also an extremely ideal wood for boat construction. Since teak wood is one of the hardest woods available, it is quite strong and dense.

Water resistant - Teak wood is one of hardest deck wood options and will not splinter over time like other softer woods. Because it is naturally water resistant, teak wood will not warp or crack from exposure to wet environments, and does not require the use of a sealant to protect it.

Anti-slip - Teak provides a natural excellent anti-slip surface, even in extreme weather and sea conditions.

Insulation - As a medium density hardwood, teak adds both thermal and sound insulation.

Temperature - Teak is cooler underfoot than most of the synthetic or other alternative deck coverings.

Durability - A ½” thick teak deck well cared for will last 15-20 years, depending on the environment. A painted non-skid deck lasts 5-8 years. A composite deck lasts 5-20 years depending on its quality.

Comfort - From hours at the helm of boats with, and without, a teak deck underfoot, sailors’ legs ache less after standing on a layer of teak.

Tradition - A large segment of the yachting and boating community either have a traditional vessel or a boat with traditional elements. Teak decks are an integral part of the wooden boat period.

Structure - Modern teak decks are typically relatively thin to save weight and expense. But they still add a degree of stiffness to the fore & aft loads on the structural deck. They also add to the local panel stiffness of the structural deck.

Warmth and Style - Teak creates a more inviting a deck area as compared to boats without teak. Modern woodworking tools and CNC capability have allowed skilled woodworkers, like those at Elite-Teak, to turn formerly unremarkable decks into engaging geometric patterns and durable works of art.

- Repair minor damage with light sanding. Major repairs that require removal and replacement of planks are not that difficult for a marine carpenter.

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